Friday, 3 June 2011

Dotty P's!

First things first, I just want to say a massive WELCOME to my new followers, it's lovely to have you! Hope you enjoy my latest offering!

I popped into my local Dotty P's the other day after receiving an email from them about a store wide offer (up to 30% off)! I'd been perusing many websites in search of the perfect handbag to take travelling with me, and had seen a few contenders but I wanted to check them out in the flesh. Here are the fruits of my labour...
How cute is she?! Quick description as the photo is a bit dodgy: baby blue non-leather hobo bag, zip closing but with a magnetic closure on the front pocket (which will come in useful in European cities for things like sunnies and lipbalm I think!), zip compartment inside, & plaited strap. It's quite big too - just the right size for everyday travelling essentials but not too big for it to weigh me down. I'm delighted with it. It was £19.60 I think, originally more but had 30% off! Linky!
I also picked up this absolutely gorgeous scarf, initially for my friend's birthday but as soon as I 'tried it on' at home I knew it wasn't going to be a gift for her! Selfish I know... but I'm not much of a scarf person (except in winter, as having short hair can give you a chilly neck!) and I love the colours and pattern of this! I plan on taking it travelling with me in the hopes that I return a scarf person! Bargain with 30% off, I got it for £8. Linky!
Accidentally bought myself some new sunnies too! I was after some genuine Rayban Wayfarers but they're a little out of my budget after receiving an unexpected water bill... sad times. But these little beauties were only £8 so hardly breaking the bank, and come with this cute floral pouch too! Linky!
As soon as I saw this delightful belt knew it had to be mine! I managed to bag the last size small in the shop - score! I love the bold blue colour as I don't have that many non-neutral belts, which can get a little boring after a while. £6.40 Linky!
Tying in with the apparent blue theme of my shopping trip is this adorable little costume ring, a steal at £3! I don't have particularly big or fat fingers but for some reason always need to get a size medium or large in rings from high st stores.. Linky!
Finally, another piece of costume jewellery that I couldn't resist! How kitsch is this heart ring? It's really big on my finger which means I'll probably only wear it on special occasions or nights out, but for £3 I couldn't put it back on the shelf..! Linky!

Have you done any accidental impulse buying recently? What's been your best bargain?

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