Saturday, 4 June 2011

Boots Haul: Ruby & Millie

I ordered lots of lovely make up goodies from Boots a few days ago and received my parcel this morning! As Ruby & Millie has been discontinued and obviously there is only limited stock available online and in stores, I thought it was quite important to share the R&M part of this haul with you asap! I'll be posting about the No 7 products shortly, so watch this space!
I bought these 3 eyeshadows from the R&M range - originally £11 each but I got them for £2.75. I love the packaging the R&M eye colours come in, I think its very sturdy but still stylish as each lid is hinged and twists around when you want to access the make up! I'll consider each shade in turn:
This is shade 'Yellow 210P'. I've done my best to swatch this colour but its not very highly pigmented at all. This is a useful colour as I don't have it in any of my palettes but its definitely going to be a shading colour and not a statement one - its too pale for anything else! Although I can see it being useful in a metallic or red/gold eye look. I wouldn't repurchase but for £2.75 I can't complain, you do get a lot of product for your money.
This colour is much better and versatile. It's shade 'Yellow 240P' but it's much more of a bronze/brown shade. I think I can integrate this shade into my everyday look as it gives a lovely subtle shimmer when applied. I am very happy with this colour.
This is the final eye colour, shade 'Purple 510P'. Again its not very highly pigmented but I think as a sheer/shimmer colour it will be useful to me as I often do purple eye looks, and this could function as a shade to use on my brow bone. The shimmer effect is very nice too, and overall I'm glad I purchased this as again, I don't have anything similar at the moment.
I also bought this R&M nail polish - its shade 'Orange 300C' and you get 9ml for £2.50 (previously £10.00). I haven't had the chance to try this colour yet but thought it would be worth posting a pic of the bottle as it might be more useful than the info given on the Boots website. I've read good things about R&M nail polish so I have high hopes for this summery shade!
I also bought the Ruby & Millie Eye Base '0' more out of curiosity than anything else! It was £2.75, originally £11.00 so quite a bargain! I was impressed by the nifty packaging and I liked the look of the brush/pen nib applicator. You twist the end of the pen to get the product to come out on the brush. I did this and then applied it to my forearm (btw that's not a bruise its just a speck on my window that created a shadow on my arm!). It came out quite an orangey colour which got a little better after I blended it for a while, but has dried quite orange still. I'm not sure why R&M would create an eye base that dries orange, as my E.L.F. eyelid primer is positively white/cream/nude, which is ideal. Either way I'm not keen on the result but will use it in my daily routine to see if it looks better on a made up face and if it makes a difference to my eye make up's longevity.

You can purchase the discontinued and heavily discounted Ruby & Millie make up products from Boots stores and online. Linky! Stock is selling fast though, so make sure you check our R&M soon before its too late!

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