Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Want Never Gets... Swimwear

I'm aware that a lot of fashion bloggers regularly post about their wishlists, and I thought I'd have a go at doing the same! Enter my new feature: 'I Want Never Gets...'! This week I'm lusting after swimwear - ideal as it's June now so coming up to the summer holiday season! Plus I do need to invest in some new swimwear for my fast-approaching European travels!
First up is this sensational daisy print 50s style swimsuit from Kelly Brook at New Look. With the exception of the cringe-inducing swimsuits of my pre-adolescent years, I'm not much of a swimsuit girl but I love the print of this one, and the halterneck! I'm also won around by the idea of covering my tum in the event of the onset of embarrassing holiday bloat, brought on by too many cocktails and greasy chips! £24.99 from New Look Linky!

Also from Kelly Brook at New Look is this adorable monochrome sailor-style bikini! I love the simplicity of this bikini, and the subtle injection of personality from the cute bows! A bit steep price-wise: £16.99 for the top (linky) and £8.99 for the bottoms (linky) but you could easily just buy the top and match it with some cheaper plain black bikini bottoms.
A suspiciously similar bikini is this sailor-themed one from La Senza. I bought my first ever bikini from La Senza and still have it to this day (6 years on - wow!) which is a testament to the quality of their swimwear. This delightfully nautical bikini will set you back £22.00 for the bikini top and either £12.00 or £14.00 depending on whether you select the matching bikini briefs or shorts. Linky!
Have you got any summer holidays booked? Where's your favourite place to shop for swimwear?

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  1. Cute choices of swimwear :) To cater for my 'large shelf', I like to go Bravissimo, Figleaves - those 2 websites do a wide range of swimwear that fit properly on the bust area. The brand of swimwear I got is from Freya, fits nicely in all the right places.

    Holiday booked also for this summer - Caribbean - location revealed in August as part of my give away, if I hit my target!! :)