Monday, 6 June 2011

Boots Haul: No 7

Here is the second half of my Boots haul. I've already posted about the bits I bought from Ruby & Millie, so this post is on the No 7 eye make up items I also treated myself to!
First up is this gorgeous eye shadow palette, its called the 'Define & Shimmer Eye Palette'. This was £7.12, reduced from £9.50. Linky!
You get 4 eye shadow colours and a pretty decent 2 ended applicator brush in this set. I've taken photos of each end as it has a slanted end and a curved end - this is a brilliant idea and the brushes are very good quality to say they came in a palette. I'm very impressed by this attention to detail from No 7.
The colours themselves are quite unique - I haven't come across a selection quite like it and I certainly don't own anything similar to the olive-y green shade. I've swatched them on my inner arm to show you, and here's a photo taken in sunlight to demonstrate the shimmery tones:
[please ignore the random shadows on my arm!]
I really like these colours. The pearly white/cream isn't the most pigmented eye colour I've seen but it will definitely be useful for highlighting and creating a more multi-faceted eye look. The green as I've said is SO different to any green I have I'm really excited about creating a look around it. Its very shimmery so will be perfect for a night out. The two darker shades are really nice too and might be good for incorporating into a more natural daytime look. They're quite bold and nicely pigmented.
Overall I feel that this palette was superb value for money and I can't wait to start experimenting with the new shades! I also love the mini double ended brush that came with the set - so much better than those crappy sponge applicators you get with other brands!
 I also bought this set of Metallic Eye Liner Pencils, 5 colours for £10.12, reduced from £13.50. Linky! I bought the pencils in the 'Candy Cane' range as I thought the blues and greens would be more appropriate for me as I already use these colours on my eyes quite a bit.
Here are the pencils - they're quite small but you do get a nice range of shades and they are all gorgeous shimmery metallic colours. From top to bottom: Candy Lavender, Candy Lime, Candy Blue, Candy Green & Candy Pink.
Here are the shades swatched in the same order as pictured above. Apart from the Candy Pink shade, I was very impressed by the soft application and consistency of the bold colour with these pencils. I especially like the two greens and the darker blue, which will be great for a night out combined with the colours I got in the eyeshadow palette & also some of the Ruby & Millie shadows I posted about previously. Not too keen on the Pink but it does come out as more of a cream shimmer which is quite versatile and might be useful for opening up my eyes when used in a natural day look. 
I would definitely recommend these pencils - I think they're very good value for money and the shades are nice and varied. There's nothing worse than buying a set of pencils that turn out to be variations of the same colour!

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  1. I love the dark blue eye liner! I think its beautiful. x