Friday, 10 June 2011

Simple eye products

I bought these 2 Simple eye products a few weeks ago and I've FINALLY found the time to tell you about them! I got them (along with the Spotless Skin facial wash) on 3 for the price of 2 at Boots. Bargain-tastic!
The first product is the Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll On. Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 18 months, you will have noticed the hype surrounding the new concept of an 'eye roll on' to alleviate puffy eyes and reduce eye bags. I think it was Garnier that first came up with the concept, however I was anxious to avoid putting anything too chemical-y on my delicate eye area, so I was over the moon when Simple announced they were bringing out their own version!

I really like this product. I'm not sure how 'necessary' it is, in terms of daily skincare, but it makes me feel good - like I'm doing something positive for my poor little eyes that I inundate with make up every morning! The roll on is metal which feels nice and cold against your skin, and the product itself is a thin sort of watery substance, which is easily absorbed by your face. I roll it on in tiny circles all the way around my eye and up towards my eyebrow too. I use it after my moisturiser but before make up every morning, and I feel that it makes a difference to my eyes. Not sure whether its noticeable but I like the cooling sensation, especially after a hot Spring/Summer night!

Price-wise, it's a bit steep at £4.99 but if you can get it in combination with an offer then I'd recommend it! Linky!
The second Simple eye product I bought was the now infamous Eye Make Up Corrector Pen. I'm pretty sure most drugstores sold out of this product when it was first released, it was so eagerly anticipated! I waited for the hype to calm down and bought mine recently, only testing it the other day when I made a mistake with my eyeshadow! Briefly, the concept is a product with a pen-like nib that you can use to easily and quickly wipe away/get rid of any mistakes you make with your eye make up. A brilliant idea, and it actually works!

I'm impressed with this, but don't use it half as much as I imagined I would. It's a great little pen to stash in your make up bag for 'just in case's, and as long as you have a face wipe handy to clean it with after use, its very versatile and ideal for using on the go.

Again a bit expensive for my budget at £4.99, but I think its worth the price for a make up bag staple you'll end up using again and again. Linky!

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  1. Definitely need to try the corrector pen! I'm one of those people that always get mascara on my eyelids or I blink and get it half way down my face!!! Thanks x