Friday, 24 June 2011

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

Afternoon lovely readers! If you've been reading Bee's Knees for a while you may have noticed the occasional reference to upcoming European travels this summer! I thought I'd do a little post to fill you in on where I'm going, when, and what will happen here while I'm away!
I'm going interrailing around different parts of Europe with my best friend. (Click here for more information on interrailing.) We leave on the 13th of July and fly to Berlin in Germany, and we've booked our flight home from Venice in Italy on the 7th of August! So in total that's 26 days of exploration and relaxation(!) around some of the best places in Europe!
We will be travelling from: Berlin -> Prague -> Munich -> Innsbruck -> Vienna -> Budapest -> Split -> Dubrovnik -> Lljublana -> Bled -> Venice ... and home!
^ this is just a teeny tiny glimpse of my rucksack and some of the bits and bobs I'm taking with me, stay tuned for more posts on my European wardrobe and travelling essentials!
I've been hard at work making sure my time away doesn't affect Bee's Knees too much, and I've got plenty of scheduled posts lined up to keep you busy while I'm gone, including regulars like 'I Want Never Gets' and 'Fabulous Nails'. I hope you enjoy them and will be waiting for me when I get back!
Do you have any exciting plans for the summer? Where is your favourite holiday destination in Europe or elsewhere?

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  1. Ooo hope you have a wonderful time exploring :-)

  2. Oh wow..that sounds amazing! Have fun :)

  3. Thanks lovelys! We booked our first hostel last night, it's getting so close now!

    Elspeth xxx