Sunday, 19 June 2011

Soap & Glory Haul

I received a MASSIVE gift box full of Soap & Glory goodies at Christmas and I was OVER THE MOON! I not only love these products for their cute packaging, divine smell and wonderful ethics but also their fun pun names! I thought it'd be nice to do a post on my favourite S&G products to maybe introduce newbies to the brand, or encourage existing fans to try new products.
Up first is the best value S&G product ever, 'Clean on Me' shower wash. It's difficult to tell in this photo, but you actually get 500ml of product when you buy it full sized. This is enough to last ~10 months, if you use 2x pumps of wash everyday in the shower. This is my favourite shower product - it smells SO good, and has moisturiser in it to help combat dry skin. £5.11 from Boots.
Here is 'Flake Away', an exfolliant you use on your wet legs to get them gleamingly sexy and smooth. I alternate between using this product and 'The Breakfast Scrub' (see below), and I have to say this one isn't my favourite of the two. I think its probably down to personal preference but I find this one a bit more difficult to use and I'm not a big fan of the texture. It definitely does the job though, and leaves your pins divinely exfoliated and smooth. £6.64 from Boots.
This is 'The Breakfast Scrub'. I look forward to my weekly shower when I get to rub this into my arms, legs and tummy for 5mins because it smells absolutely delicious. I wish S&G would make some sort of edible version of this because it seriously seems good enough to eat! I prefer this to 'Flake Away' as I think its a bit more oily so it feels like its not just scrubbing my legs but also conditioning them at the same time. £9.45 from Boots.
And now for what I slather on my legs after all that exfoliating - 'The Righteous Butter'. My all time favourite body butter I adore the smell, consistency, just everything about this! I've used loads of different body butters in the past but I find this one sinks into the skin easily and leaves me smelling delicious. You get a massive tub for your money and this one has lasted me 5 months of slathering it on in copious amounts once or twice a week. £10.21 from Boots.
Also in my shower bundle is 'Glad Hair Day', a S&G shampoo! I have to say that I'm blessed with good hair naturally, so I'm off to a running start but this shampoo really adds shine and bounce to my curls and helps tame frizz. Simple really. Not sure whether I'll repurchase this as I see S&G more as a skincare company, and there are so many shampoo options. It's good value though, at £5.22 for 250ml from Boots.
On to facial skincare, I use this 'Scrub Your Nose in it' once a week in place of my usual, gentler exfoliator. I find this gives my skin a good scrub without being too harsh (I'm quite sensitive) and leaves me feeling fresh, clean and glowing! £7.40 from Boots.
I also use the 'Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser' once a week in place of my Liz Earle cleanser, to mix things up a bit. I find this a bit more intensive than my usual cleanser, and just as effective at removing make up (including eye make up!). £9.19 from Boots.
 I also use the 'Fab Pore Facial Peel' on my face once a week. I'm quite self conscious about the large pores on my face, especially around my nose area, but using this makes me feel much better and I honestly think it's made a difference. It has tiny beads and a clay-like substance that you rub onto your face until the beads have all dissolved into your face, and then leave for 15mins to give a really good thorough cleanse. An essential, in my opinion. £7.15 from Boots, my tub has lasted me almost a year now!
For my hands, S&G have produced the single greatest hand cream I have ever experienced, 'Hand Food'. This stuff's so good I've got my entire family using it, after letting my mum borrow mine for a week she was quickly converted! It's got so many lovely things in it, like shea butter and marshmallows, and again - smells AMAZING. Mine has lasted me using it at least once a day for 5 months now! £4.85 from Boots.
& to finish with a make up product, I'd like to introduce you to 'Sexy Mother Pucker'. If you're a lip gloss fan, this product will change your life. It's amazing. You put it on your lips and they instantly start to tingle, as the product makes your lips feel and appear bigger - whilst at the same time providing a luscious, slightly tinted, gloss. I use this on nights out when I want a more natural look but still need to feel glammed up! I've yet to find a product that does the same job. £8.43 from Boots.

I hope you've enjoyed this MEGA Soap & Glory haul review! Of course, Boots aren't the only place you can buy S&G from (ASOS also sell selected products), but I found it the easiest place to cite prices from. The Boots website's S&G selection is available here.


  1. S+G is my favourite! Love love love! x

  2. I love Soap&Glory, but agree with you on Glad Hair Day, not the best of shampoos, I find Pantene does a better job on my hair, how come you didn't mention Heel Genius, it's great foot cream, I use it every night, smells great too, thanks for review, everything that's said is true...:)

  3. I haven't tried Heel Genuis yet but it's definitely on my to-buy list thanks for the tip!
    Elspeth xxx