Monday, 13 June 2011

Sleek Make Up Haul

I bought a Sleek 12 shade eyeshadow palette a few months ago, and have used it quite a bit since. However I also recently received a bundle of Sleek goodies as a free gift for subscribing to Glamour magazine, so thought I'd do a bigger haul review and share my opinions on the various products with you.
Here's the eyeshadow palette I already have and use. As you can see, its mostly neutral tones with a black and a couple of blues thrown in for good measure. I find this a very useful everyday palette and I've used some of the neutrals quite a few times. I find the darker shades very pigmented which means you don't have to load much product onto your brush, but they also blend well which means you can mix shades up easily without much fuss or mess. The palette was £6.49 from SuperdrugLinky!
This is the palette I received free from Glamour. Much brighter shades here, and I absolutely adore the bright orange and blue! I also really like the reddish tones, and look forward to blending them into more neutral shades to create a glamourous, diva-style night eye. I've heard that red tones suit grey/green eyes, which is ideal for me! 
I was lucky enough to also receive this fabulous little pot of 'Pout Polish' in Pink Cadillac. This is a lip gloss style product that is quite heavily tinted and also contains spf 15. I think this is a super gloss as it gives a gorgeous pinky sheen and is easy to reapply with your finger or a lip brush. The added spf protection is a massive bonus, as I'm always conscious of the damage the sun can do to your lips if you don't take precautions. This polish also smells divine! At only £4.10, I'd recommend this as a bargain product! Linky!
Next up is the Sleek blush in shade 'Flamingo'. This colour is a teeny bit too bright for me to wear against my porcelain skin but for other skin tones I imagine it's just gorgeous. It gives a lovely rosy glow and is easy to blend into the skin with a blusher brush. At only £4.30 I think this blusher's very good value as you get quite a lot of product and don't need much to get a healthy glow. Linky!
I've definitely saved the best product until last. This is Sleek Eye Dust in 'Breathless'. I think this is a very good effort by the company to copy the infamous Barry M Glitter Dust, and in my opinion its definitely just as fabulous if not more! You get a bigger pot for starters, which obviously means better value.
As you can see, the dust is quite nicely pigmented and gives an absolutely stunning shimmer of colour. Superb to blend and showstoppingly bright, I adore this eyeshadow and can't wait to have a suitable event to wear it to! £3.05 from Superdrug, it's a real bargain. Linky!
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  1. You received those from Glamour subscription??......amazing, fabulous goodies, indeed. Better than the actually benefit goody in july's issue which I can't wear.

  2. I was waiting for a good offer before I subscribed but they'd run out of whatever it was supposed to be (I can't even remember now!) so I received this little lot instead! No complaints here!
    Elspeth xxx