Friday, 17 June 2011

E.L.F. lipstick haul

You're probably aware by now that I have a bit of an obsession with lipsticks, and E.L.F. selling them for £1.50 a pop isn't exactly helping the situation! Here is a post on my collection of lipsticks from E.L.F.
This is a Liquid Lipstick in shade 'Ruby Slipper'. The E.L.F. liquid lipsticks are a brilliant product to use if you're a fan of lip gloss & want a bit more colour, but don't want to commit to a high maintenance standard lipstick. They have lots of different colours to choose from, to suit every skin tone.
The lipstick works by twisting the bottom end so the product comes out onto the top brush which you use to accurately and easily apply it to your lips! I really love this as it doesn't dry your lips out in the slightest.
This is shade 'Brownie Points', which is think is a bit too dark and brown-toned for my skintone.
My favourite is this one - 'Pink Lemonade'. Its a playful pink that isn't too Barbie-like to wear so you can still be taken seriously. Overall the liquid lipsticks are a great, cheap solution for those fashionistas who want lip gloss and lipstick in one easy to use product. £1.50 each from
I also have 2 'normal' E.L.F. lipsticks in my collection. This one is shade 'Gyspy' and is a gorgeous deep pink that's just perfect for a night out or daytime wear alike! 
This shade is 'Classy', and it a bit lighter and more neutral toned. This shade is perfect for my skin tone and I constantly received compliments whenever I wear it! I like the simple silver packaging for these lipsticks, as although it doesn't look particularly high end, you are only paying £1.50 so can't expect miracles.
Here is a swatch of the two lipsticks. 'Gypsy' is on the left and 'Classy' is on the right. I find these lipsticks don't need reapplying very often, once every 3-4 hours is usually more than sufficient. If you combine them with a bit of lip balm then they also don't dry out your lips, but I have to say that they're not the most moisturising or conditioning lip colours I've used.

Overall I definitely recommend them though, as for the price there's few other places you can get such good value! £1.50 each from

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  1. I purchased 1 of their lippy's, and I wasn't bowled over :/. Although a lot of ladies swear by them. :) I guess it varies from person to person :)