Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I Want Never Gets... Marc Jacobs

Continuing my new weekly feature, I thought it'd be fun to alternate between designer and high street wish lists. Obviously one is more attainable than the other, but where's the harm in dreaming? As you already know, I'm a devoted worshipper at the Marc Jacobs altar when it comes to fragrance, however I'm also a fan of his general design ability.
I especially adore Marc by Marc Jacobs bags - I'm head over heels with this gorgeous (non-leather, of course!) bright tote! Linky!
Some of Marc Jacobs' dresses are of another world. This gorgeous floral chiffon dress is an example. In my head I'm the kind of girl who can afford beautiful statement dresses like this one, and actually has events to be able to wear them to! Linky!
Another to-die-for example is this stunning little chiffon number. But would you believe this is a JUMPSUIT?! I am not a fan of jumpsuits, I really think its a look 99.9% of ordinary girls will struggle and eventually fail to pull off, and it makes me cringe to see them try! But this absolutely divine piece is an example of when jumpsuits can be elegant, classy and just oh-so-chic. I love the blend of colours, especially with the gold accent at the waist. I'm salivating.. Linky!