Thursday, 30 May 2013

Barry M Moisturising Lip Paint - shade 161

Hi guys. You will probably already know that I'm a massive fan of Barry M, and also a bit of a lipstick addict. Put those two things together and you get quite the dangerous cocktail, especially when Barry M have brought out a reworked formula for their Lip Paints which is allegedly more moisturising..

The packaging for the Moisturising Lip Paints is bright fuschia, but otherwise exactly the same as the usual black Barry M Lip Paints.. I picked up shade 161, a beautiful coral shade. 

This was the stand out shade of the range for me, it just seemed so perfect for Spring and such a pretty coral pink shade! I was so excited to try it for the first time, I popped it on as soon as I got home! It's quite difficult to apply and does drag on the lips, but if you persevere you can get a really good coverage. I imagine this is quite difficult to apply with a lip brush.

Here's the colour on my lips - I love it and have been wearing it on the weekends ever since I bought it! It lasts for hours without fading, doesn't dry out my lips in the slightest (and I have quite dry lips naturally) and doesn't bleed. It's genuinely a winner for me, and I'm quite keen to try some of the other shades! For the price this is by far the best value for money lipstick I've come across in a while.

Barry M Moisturising Lip Paints are £4.49 available from Superdrug online (HERE) or in store from Boots or Superdrug.

Have you tried the Barry M Moisturising Lip Paints yet? Which shade is your favourite?