Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My First Beauteco Box

You may have read my post about my first ever Glossybox (HERE) - well the beauty box bug caught me and I decided to give the newest beauty box on the scene, Beauteco Box, a go! This box claims to be a bit more eco-friendly than its rivals...

I loved the packaging of the box, however the first thing I noticed was that unlike the Glossybox, Beauteco don't give you a reuseable, pretty box - I assume that's part of the eco-driven ideals of the company but it did make me wonder why both boxes are the same price (£10 + P&P)...

One of the first things I liked about the box was the little 'menu' of products which was sat atop the packaging when I opened it up - too cute!

It also tells you the price of each item (full size) which I think would be helpful to anyone considering purchasing the items in the box.

The green packaging is definitely more to my tastes than the pink Glossybox, but that's more of a personal thing than a deal breaker.

Inside were the five products which I had chosen from the website when I placed my order. See, that's the 'USP' of the Beauteco Box - you can choose from a number of variations of box contents (three I think ) which helps to make sure what you receive is suited to you personally. Now this has it's pros and cons - a positive is that you won't receive an item you hate and have no use for, but the negative is that there is no surprise, and the element of surprise was something I enjoyed about the Glossybox. That's even though I received 3 items I didn't like and ended up giving them away...

Here are the items I received, two anatomicals products, a Melvita Ultra Cleansing Rose Oil, Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser and Mitchell and Peach Body Cream. I am excited to try all of these products as I haven't used any of the brands before. The anatomicals are both full sized but the others are sample sized (although the full sized Dr Bragi moisturiser is £120!)

My only niggle about Beauteco Box is that they don't dispatch your order when it is placed, instead they have two dispatch dates per month which means you could be waiting up to a couple of weeks depending on when you place your order. This isn't really a good idea, in my opinion, when the other beauty box companies dispatch as soon as you place your order. I was left a little dismayed at the delay in receiving my box, but it's not a total put off.

Overall I am happy with my experience with Beauteco Box, but I do think the lack of a reuseable box and lack of prompt delivery may make me choose another beauty box in future. You can order a Beauteco Box for £10 plus P&P HERE.

What do you think of the Beauteco Box? Have you received one before?

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