Monday, 27 May 2013

SAVE don't SPEND #15

Hi guys, another Monday another installment of my spending diary. I hope wherever you are you've had a lovely weekend, and if you're in the UK you've managed to make the most of the bank holiday weekend! My plans for today involve lazing around in the sunshine and a quick trip to the supermarket - rock and roll.

12.00 -  Boots (who knew stamps were so expensive?!)
£12.00 - total

2.50 - Marks and Spencer
£2.50 - total

6.90 - lunch
£6.90 - total

4.95 - lunch
£4.95 - total 

£0.00 - total

20.00 - Topshop (denim skater skirt)
15.00 - Marks and Spencer (boring underwear - yawn)
15.27 - Whole Foods
£30.27 - total
£20.00 - naughty total

24.00 - Primark
17.45 - Muji
£17.45 - total
£24.00 - naughty total

TOTAL: £74.07

FINALLY! I'm under my £80/week budget for normal spends, hooray! I'm so happy this week I'm under my limit, despite the £44 of naughty spends on a skirt and some summery shoes (2 pairs, in both colours of course...!) They were technically unnecessary spends but I'm in the midst of a crazy clear out which will eventually involve flogging most of my unwanted stuff on eBay (again..) so I am trying not to feel too guilty. Plus the shoes I originally wanted were £40 so getting two pairs of shoes and a skirt for just over that amount is pretty nifty! I'm hoping to continue my winning streak and take my own lunch to work this week. Wish me luck!

Are you trying to save money? How is it going for you?

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