Friday, 10 May 2013

Fabulous Nails #40 feat. Models Own Blueberry Pie

TGIF! It's been a lonng and busy week for me, despite it only being 4 days long. Bring on the weekend! Today's polish is one that has been all over the blogosphere - it's Models Own Blueberry Pie.

This is one of the new Models Own scented Fruit Pastel polishes. I opted for this shade as it's a milky lilac blue which is unlike anything else I own. I also really love the smell/taste of blueberries so a gorgeous colour scented with blueberries seemed ideal!

I absolutely adore this colour, it's so perfect for Spring and despite being a pale gal I don't look washed out wearing it. The scent was noticeable and lingered on my nails for a day or two, but it's really the colour that would make me encourage others to try this. It did require three coats, but barely chipped in the 4 days I had it on, and I received a number of compliments whilst wearing it. You can purchase the Fruit Pastel collection from Models Own HERE, £5 per polish.

What do you think of the Models Own scented polishes? Have you tried any yet?


  1. This looks beautiful! Lovely nails :)

    1. Thanks Ame :) I'm glad you like it!