Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I Want Never Gets... Clothier Jones

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I am moving house in the summer. Although I love my flat at the moment (which you can see HERE) I need more space! I would love to move to a house with plenty of storage for all my stuff and even possibly a garden! The upcoming move means I have been obsessing over beautiful furniture a lot lately, and today I'm sharing some of my favourites from Clothier Jones, where all items are handmade in Britain.

This is the Integra Writing Desk - and it is beautiful. Such a practical, simple but at the same time statement piece of furniture, this would look amazing in any office and I would love to settle down to some intense blogging at this desk! £1,095 HERE

Oh gosh, this side bench is so special and unlike anything I've ever seen before. It would fit right in with my current open plan living area! I always have a variety of books and magazines laying around on my coffee table and this amazing piece of furniture would almost make them look stylish! £595 HERE

I'm not sure why, but chaise lounges have always been one of those items of furniture I have lusted over ever since I was a little girl. There's something so glamorous and luxurious about them, and this pretty floral print piece would be a beautiful addition to anyone's bedroom. £775 HERE

Last but not least is this amazing patchwork armchair - am I the only person who has always dreamed about having a chair that's mine until I'm an old frail lady, still sitting in the same chair? It's something I'm sure I picked up from works of fiction, but all the same if I were ever to have a chair for the rest of my life I would choose this one, £1,545 HERE - hey, price per sit would be less than a penny if it lasted 50 years!

Do you spend hours looking at beautiful furniture? Which is your favourite from my picks?
(supported by Clothier Jones)