Monday, 19 November 2012

Slated: MUA Brush On Concealer Pen in 'Radiance'

I picked up the MUA Brush on Concealer Pen whilst in Superdrug tracking down the Undressed palette (review coming soon!) I suffer badly from under eye circles and have done since I was a little girl - unfortunately for me its a genetic thing rather than simply lack of sleep. I hoped that MUA might be able to help me conceal my unsightly bags, and chose the lightest shade I could see; 'Radiance'.

I found the packaging pretty inoffensive and as I'd expect really from a drug store brand like MUA. The concealer retails at £1.50 and I think the packaging reflects this.

The concealer is a 'brush on pen' and you have to twist the end of the pen to get the product to come out of the brush. I had to twist for a good minute or two until the product began to come out - I had started to worry that I'd picked up a dud pen!

I hope you can see from these photos that the concealer is quite thick and heavy. The first thing I noticed about it was its heavy floral scent - not something I like at all. It reminds me of elderly ladies' perfumes and made me feel a bit sick! Not the best start...

I found the brush applicator useless when applying the product under my eyes, it smeared and didn't apply evenly. As you can see, the shade is completely wrong for my skintone but as there were no testers available in store it was difficult to try any shades out prior to purchase. The colour is decidedly orange - the photo shows the concealer half dried but when it completely dries out it's even more orange! It's awful, dries thick, heavy and orange especially on the delicate skin around my eyes. I found the first application very difficult and it's put me off trying any other shades.

Overall I am terribly disappointed with this product. After the success of the MUA lipsticks I've tried I had high hopes for this concealer, but it just does not meet the mark at all. It's too perfumed - which is worrying when it's to be applied to such a delicate and sensitive area of your face as your under eyes, it's too orange, it's too thick and heavy and is difficult to apply with the 'brush on pen'. I do not recommend this product, save your money and try something else. My search for a good under eye concealer continues...


  1. Hi Elspeth, thanks for sending me your link in the #bbloggers chat :)
    I was actually thinking of trying this concealer, so I'm glad I've seen this and will keep hold of my penniews - it's very cheap, but even at a low price it needs to do the job! I do think MUA are really good quality for the price you pay in general though.
    Mel x

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I had high hopes for this concealer but it just failed miserably :( I'm going to keep looking for a good concealer though so stay tuned!