Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Flat!

As you may already know, I moved out of my old flat in June. I used to share a 2 bed flat in a Victorian terrace with a friend, but I have always always craved my own space! I decided to take the plunge when I realised certain issues with said friend were unlikely to ever be resolved. It's an incredibly expensive decision but I figured I am now an adult, working full time in a 'good' job, and if this is the one way I treat myself then so be it.

I found it difficult to find anywhere that was big enough for me - I have high expectations when it comes to ceiling height (hahah..) and I demand quite a lot of light. I also needed enough storage or space to store all my 'stuff' - shoes, clothes, coats, make up, nail varnish, books... oh and the cat (chilling on her cat tree in the photo above).

 I viewed my flat with my boyfriend, and fell in love. It probably wasn't the economical choice, as it was substantially over budget, but having lived here for 5 months I can now report it was the best decision of my life, ever.

 It's in South East London, and is in a building that used to be a pub! This means there's a tonne of light as the ceilings are ridiculously high.

It was developed in October last year, which means the insulation and spec of the place is off the charts. Until now I have always somehow managed to live in the chilliest houses but this is the complete other end of the spectrum. I LOVE IT!

 It was unfurnished which meant I had to find the cash to furnish it, but luckily I managed to turn my bargain hunting skills to the furniture market and I hope you agree that I did a good job.

 Having my own furniture makes a much bigger difference than I ever thought it would - I am surrounded by all my own things, and I feel so much more at home and happy than I ever did in furnished accommodation.

I hope you enjoyed this post and getting a sneaky peak into Bee's Knees HQ!

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