Sunday, 25 November 2012

Heeled Chelsea Boots

It's been a while since I first wanted a pair of heeled Chelsea boots. In fact probably almost a year! But for whatever reason I never got around to buying some... so I decided to invest in a pair a few weeks ago. The ones I'd spotted all that time ago were on Daisy Street so I made that my first place to look this time around.

As soon I started looking I saw these beauties. I love the curved toe with the hidden platform - I think it makes them look a lot softer and more feminine, which is important to me as I think a lot of Chelsea boots can appear quite masculine. I was even happier when I eventually decided to buy these, as they were £5 off! So £24.99 including free saver delivery. I expected delivery to take ages, I've never ordered from Daisy Street before, but I was super impressed. I ordered them on a Sunday and they arrived on the Tuesday of the following week - absolutely delighted with 7 working days delivery time. As for the boots themselves, well you can see how pretty they are! They seem very sturdy and well made and although I haven't been able to wear heels and so haven't worn them out yet, sitting with them on my feet makes me confident that they will be one of my fave pairs of shoes this winter!

Do you own any Chelsea boots, or any other shoes from Daisy Street? What are your experiences?


  1. Gorgeous boots, I'm after a pair of chelsea boots..may have to check these out xx

    1. They have so many different styles at Daisy Street, I'm sure you'll find some you like!