Friday, 23 November 2012

My New Work Winter Coat

If you're a long time reader, you'll know that I have a little bit of a coat addiction... but I managed to clear out 4 of my old winter coats that I either wasn't wearing at all anymore or that had been worn to death. I found this as good a reason as any to invest in a nice new winter coat, but one that is suitable for wearing to work. I looked everywhere before finally deciding to invest in this one:

It was originally £92 from Debenhams. I really liked the monochrome chic polka dots - I think it adds a bit of personality whilst keeping it appropriate if I have to go to a client meeting out of the office. I originally bought it when Debenhams were having one of their 20% off events, but actually ended up sending it back and reordering it a couple of weeks later as it went into the sale and I eventually bagged it for a bargainous £40! I was really happy with the saving, as its such a good fit for me and feels such good quality I probably would have been fine paying full price!

Have you bought a new winter coat this season?


  1. Your new coat is great. I just got one of these Womens Coats from Burlington Coat Factory. It looks great and I was able to save about $40 on it without having to wait for a sale.

  2. I think it’s wise to invest in a coat that is made out of good material. I can tell that you are a type of person who is frugal. You only buy new attires once you've figured the old ones you have are no longer wearable or one that you barely even wore.

    Joel Salmon