Friday, 26 August 2011

E.L.F. mega haul #2 - lipsticks

Welcome to installment #2 of my E.L.F. mega haul! I bought 5 lipsticks from E.L.F. in my super splurge a couple of weeks ago:
This is the Studio Matte Lip Colour in 'Natural'. I loved the design of this product when I first saw it on the wbesite, I'm a big fan of changing up the design of lipstick to aid application. This lip colour is shaped like a big chunky pencil which definitely makes it easier to apply, and when you need more product you simply twist the bottom!
I was looking for a nice subtle shade that I could wear to work and I think I found it! Also, the product doesn't dry out your lips; it has lots of lovely moisturising agents in it which is ideal! I would definitely recommend purchasing this, I intend to invest in some different colours when I have a bit more money! £3.50 Linky!
Next up is 'Seductive' from E.L.F.'s basic line of lipsticks. I already own two from this range ('Gypsy' and 'Classy' - click here to read about them) and so I already knew the packaging wouldn't look great (especially compared to the Mineral line, but more on that later) but the actual product is usually much better. 
This colour was a bit more pink than I'd expected - much less subtle than the Matte Lip Colour so I'm not sure if this will get much wear on work days. I do like the colour though, and can see myself wearing it on a relaxing weekend! As with all other basic E.L.F. lipsticks, it can be quite drying so you do need to combine with a lip balm (I use Carmex) to keep your lips happy and the colour at its best. £1.50 Linky!
This is one of the 3 Mineral lipsticks I bought, this one is 'Party Pink'. The packaging on the Mineral line is just gorgeous, it looks so much nicer and sturdier than the basic E.L.F. lipstick line! I would definitely not be embarrassed whipping this out in the toilets at work!
The colour is nice and natural and actually quite sheer. It's perfect for wearing to work, which was the main reason behind my mega haul in the first place! It goes on nice and smoothly, no staining afterward, and is very creamy and soft on your lips. I didn't combine this with Carmex as it didn't dry out my lips! An absolute steal at £3.50 Linky!
 This is another Mineral lipstick, shade 'Rosy Raisin'.
Again a natural & sheer colour, this gives just a gentle hint of plum which I love. It kept my lips hydrated and went on beautifully, no complaints here! £3.50 Linky!
 Last but not least is 'Nicely Nude'.
 I don't really have much to add to what I've already said about the Mineral lipsticks - they're great! This colour is subtle & exactly what I was looking for! £3.50 Linky!
I think this shade and the Studio Matte Lip Colour will probably get worn the most at work, but I can definitely see myself mixing it up with other shades too, especially some of my MUA lipsticks!

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  1. I have both these types of lipstick and love them :)