Friday, 12 August 2011

I'm back!

After a wonderful time in Europe I am back and full of things to blog about! I hope the next few weeks will be full of interesting posts for you all! But first I thought it would be nice to share some photos from my escapades...
This is a snap of the teeny tiny local beach close to our hostel in Dubrovnik (Croatia), so much more laid back and relaxing than the main beach in town!
Photo of Dubrovnik taken from the walls of the Old City (I am afraid of heights so I was immensely proud of myself for managing to walk on the walls!)
I have dozens of similar photos like this one, taken all over Venice. Can't put into words what a beautiful place it is. 
 I quite like this random pic of St Mark's Square, Venice, after dark. Magical.
Painted houses in Burano, Italy - this island is so surreal and colourful! I'd love to move there in search of the quiet life when I retire!
Bit of an arty shot of a shop display in Burano.

I had the BEST time! I would like to thank every single one of you for sticking with Bee's Knees while I've been away, and WELCOME to my wonderful new followers, it's lovely to have you!
One last thing before I go and unpack - Cosmopolitan magazine are running their 2011 Blog Awards at the moment, if you have a spare minute I would love it if you could nominate me for the Best New Beauty Blog category! The link will be in my side bar for the duration of nominations, but here's a quick link too:
It's lovely to be back!


  1. Ooh I was in Dubrovnik about a month ago! I went to Makarska and Split as well. Croatia is just beautiful, I didn't want to leave. I'm glad you had a lovely time away! x

  2. Thanks Anna! I really want to go back on a proper holiday next year

    Elspeth xxx

  3. Welcome back! It looks gorgeous, love all the buildings in different colours x

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