Sunday, 7 August 2011

Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector Review

I posted a while ago about a Body Shop 50% off discount code I received by email and used to treat myself to a few bits and pieces. Here's the first review of one of the products I ordered - the Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector.
 I am eternally in pursuit of soft, beautiful feet (aren't we all?) and hoped that this foot cream would deliver on such a promise. My mum has been using the Hemp Hand Cream for as long as I can remember and she swears by it, so I thought I would take a chance and purchase the foot cream in the same range.
The smell of the Hemp range takes some getting used to, but the products are definitely worth overcoming this minor hurdle. The foot protector is a thick substance as you can see above, but it melts when you rub it into your feet so you actually only need a small quantity at a time. As a result, one tub will probably last me 6 months or maybe more if I forget to use it every week! I found that this product worked overnight to give me soft feet, and when used in conjunction with a foot file I had the feet I'd always dreamed of! Definitely recommended.
The foot protector retails at £10 for 100ml which I think is good value considering how long 100ml will probably last you! Linky!

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