Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fabulous Nails - European Edition!

Whilst in Venice I came across a brand called Kiko Cosmetics, and as a beauty junkie I was immediately drawn into their shop...
They had such a wide variety of make up for ridiculously low prices!
 From eyeshadow... mascara... an epic range of nail varnish!
I ended up buying 3 eyeshadows that I'll be reviewing in a couple of weeks' time, and 4 nail varnishes. I got the two on the left as a present for my Mumma, cause I'm nice like that, and treated myself to the gorgeous purple toned baby blue pastel on the right and a fabulous glitter polish.
 This is the blue (3 coats) on its own. It's such an unusual colour I love it! But of course I didn't stop there...
 I applied the glitter polish over the top, and got this absolutely gorgeous effect! I can't help but feel like a mermaid with this on my nails! I love it! It's a lot less chunky than the Barry M glitter paints and so much easier to remove.
I applied these polishes without any other form of topcoat and they lasted a good 5 days before beginning to wear/chip at the tips. At 1.50 Euros for the glitter and 2.50 for the blue polish, I'm incredibly impressed!
Click here to go to the Kiko cosmetics website to see their full range of nail lacquers!

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