Sunday, 28 August 2011

Body Shop Wheatgrass Fixing Gel

If you remember a few months ago, I purchased a bits and pieces from the Body Shop with their amazing 50% off code (click here if not). This is my second review post, looking at the Wheatgrass Fixing Gel.
I recently went from having a curly graduated bob with full fringe/bangs to a pixie crop with no fringe at all! I'd planned the cut so it would make my life easier when I went travelling - having a full fringe is high maintenance and I didn't want to have to lug a hairdryer halfway around Europe! So instead I simply packed a brush and this product, hoping it'd be all I would need!

I was right! You get a whopping 150ml of gel for £7 (but I only paid £3.50 due to the offer!) which will probably last forever. I find that I only need to use a tiny amount of product every day, perhaps a fraction bigger than a pea! I rub it in my hands and then just run my hands over my hair, ruffling it up a bit to create a bit of much-needed texture. I find this gel does sometimes make my hair 'hard' where I have unintentionally put too much on in a particular place, but a bit more ruffling when my hair's dry soon sorts this out! The gel also has a UV filter which I appreciated so much when I was in the scorching heat of Croatia & my poor hair had nowhere to hide!

Overall I like this product. I'm not much of an expert on gels, having only recently had hair short enough to use it, but I found this non-sticky, easy to use and brilliant value for money! Definitely recommended, although I'll admit to looking forward to having my 'proper' hair back & using mousse again! Linky!

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