Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fabulous Nails #6

As I enter the big bad world of professional work on Monday, I've been keen to experiment with my nails over the summer while I still can! Inspired by the (occasionally) bright and shiny weather, and my most favourite sweets, I created a Skittles-inspired nail look!
 I LOVE Skittles. They're so yummy, and perfect for passing the time on a boring train journey back to London from Leeds (check out my photo bombing Creative Zen!)
 These are the polishes I used for this effect:
Barry M 'Bright Purple' 303, Barry M 'Spring Green' 290, Miss Sporty yellow quick dry polish, Ruby and Millie 'Orange 300c', Barry M 'Bright Red' 262.
I got so many comments on my nails when I had them painted like this! I think it's an easy, fun way to brighten up your nails for the summer.


  1. Love the nails! I am a bit of a skittle addict as well although they have ruined them with the blue ones!! :( x

  2. Lovely idea! I'm more of a Minstrel girl myself hehe

  3. If I wasn't a vegan I'd definitely be a Minstrel girl Rachael! & I hate the blue ones too Sophie!

    Elspeth xxx