Monday, 8 August 2011

Panic on the streets of London

As a Londoner (even if not born and bred) and someone who is currently attempting to find a flat in Brixton/Clapham (- South London) I just wanted to express my distaste, fear and frustration at the riots that have been going on for 3 nights now. I am frightened in my most favourite city in the world and I resent the idiots who are causing violence for no reason for making me feel this way.
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  1. This whole thing is sickening. I live in Scotland and so only see and hear what's happening through the media and Twitter but I can imagine that it must be terrifying to be in amongst it. London is one of my favourite places and to see one of the most vibrant cities in the world being destroyed by a bunch of moronic thugs is heartbreaking.
    Stay safe!
    PS - now following you on Twitter :)

  2. Stay safe! I'm in East London and we've been okay so far. Absolutely disgusted at whats been happening, but people cleaning has restored my faith.

  3. Thanks for your interesting comment Denise. It's worrying because a few of the places that were targeted last night were areas we'd viewed flats in just yesterday morning! Feels very surreal at the moment!

    Thank you for following me too!

    Elspeth xxx