Saturday, 27 August 2011

First the Earth was flat

I popped into Primark when I was up in Leeds visiting the fam a couple of weekends ago, and picked up some bargain comfy flats!
I'd wanted some comfy pumps for a good while after seeing a friend rocking them in a gorgeous summer outfit with shorts. I bought these two pairs for £2.50 each - ridiculously good value and they're mega versatile! 
I also picked up these cute little brogues for £8 - super cheap given that identical shoes can sell for £30+ in other high street shops! They're not the most comfortable flats I've ever owned but I'm hoping that can be remedied by wearing them in around the house! I've already worn these out with a cute tea dress and cardigan.
Where do you buy your comfy flats from?


  1. I´ve got the red pumps and they´re so awesome. Super easy to wear! I also had a pair of black ones but they broke, not exactly the longest lasting shoes..but for the price!? x

  2. Ooo i got them brogues but in red! Ended up having to get them after my other shoes got totally drenched in London downpours! I was rather tempted by the dark purple ones too x

  3. I wish I'd bought the brogues in a size 5 instead of my usual 4 - I think the extra size would have been more comfortable! You live and learn..

    Elspeth xxx