Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fabulous Nails #5

As promised, here's another post on my favourite nails looks from the past couple of weeks!
Starting with a brand that I don't usually buy - No7 'Stay Perfect' nail colour in Highland Mist. I had a £5 voucher for No7 at Boots and decided to try their nail polishes - I have to say I was impressed! You get quite a lot of polish for your money and some of the shades are very different to my usual brands (here's looking at you Barry M). Generally I think No7 polishes are a bit more grown up, this gorgeous neutral tone is a prime example. Delicious.
If you caught the last instalment of 'Fabulous Nails' you'll have seen how I experimented with pastel yellow and green to create a two-tone look. I did the same again more recently with these gorgeous Barry M paints - Cobalt Blue (darker) and Cyan Blue (lighter). Unfortunately it was only when I got on the Tube that I realised I'd created nails to match my Oyster card! Oops!
Last up is an old favourite - Barry M Nail Effects! I tried using the new White Nail Effects over Barry M Black polish and this was the effect - quite dramatic! I've had lots of stares and compliments whilst wearing this polish - its certainly an eyecatching design to wear!


  1. I really love the nail effects! So wish my nails were long enough to do that! :( xx

  2. I keep having an on off relationship with the nail effects probably because it takes a while getting back use to it when you haven't had it on for ages lol

  3. I've just discovered a new glitter polish that looks great over colours so I think my Nail Effects might be taking a backseat for a while!

    Elspeth xx