Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring forward

I bought a couple of dresses recently after catching S/S12 fever! I always get obsessed with the new season once it starts to roll into magazines and in stores, and this year is no exception!
This linen dress was £10 from Primark and I really love it. It fits nicely and works well with my pale skin - I was surprised it fit as I thought it wouldn't fit my boobs having such a high neck! I think the colour is perfect for Spring and the peter pan collar is adorable. It came with the little plaited belt which I think perfects the look. So excited to wear this time and time again over the summer as I think it'll be a really easy look to just pull on and go!
I got this black polka dot dress from one of the concessions at New Look to add to my work wardrobe. At ~£20 I thought it was a steal but didn't have time to try it on in the shop.. Luckily it fits perfectly with a little black vest underneath and is great as an easy work look, with or without tights - with a lighter cardi and bare legs I think it will look great in the summer too.
Have you invested in any S/S12 pieces yet?


  1. Love the polka dot dress - so nice. I really need to get some more clothes for the summer. I only really brought mostly winter things and i've starting to boil in them already and it's only the start of spring.

    1. Eek oh dear! But any excuse to shop! - I love buying at the beginning of Spring but got to stop soon otherwise I won't be able to afford a holiday!