Thursday, 29 March 2012


I don't often share jewellery with you guys (mainly because I don't buy jewellery too often) but I got some new special bits recently that I am excited to share with you!
My aunt bought me a gorgeous silver ring for my 21st birthday, but I dropped it down the sink by accident a couple of months ago - I was absolutely GUTTED. My ever-amazing boyfriend suggested he buy me one to replace it, and we ended up going halves on this one. It's actually 3 different stacker rings worn together, engraved to say 'Eight Letters, One Meaning, Three Words' - a bit mushy for me but I love it. I also love mixing metals so very happy to have a gold and silver mix in there.
The boyfriend also pulled out all the stops for my 23rd birthday in January and (after me dropping dozens of hints) bought me not one but TWO bracelets! One gold and one silver to match my new ring. I wear the silver one every single day for work and the gold one is more for special occasions.
I adore them both. The boyf was a bit miffed at first because I insisted I didn't want a Pandora or Links bracelet (no offence to anyone who's a fan but I don't like wearing jewellery that's so mainstream and worn by lots of people)... but eventually he found these two absolutely stunning and distinctive pieces that I am SO happy with.
Have you been bought anything special recently?

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