Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Soap and Glory lipstick

You probably know I'm already a massive S&G fan, and I was SO excited when I heard they were bringing out their own range of cosmetics! As a lipstick gal I decided to try their offerings for lips first:
 How cute is the packaging? In true S&G style, the lipstick boxes are kitsch, retro and pink pink pink!
 The lipstick casing is pretty, high class and feels very sturdy - much nicer than my usual budget lippies!
 And the tube is a classic and simple gold and black design. So far, so good!
I bought two shades - Perfect Day and Naked Beige: 
Naked Beige is swatched at the top and Perfect Day is at the bottom.
Where do I start?! I absolutely ADORE these lipsticks! They both go on nicely, very creamy consistency and stay on for hours. They do not dry my lips out one bit and both shades complimented my skin tone nicely. I really really loved the look of Perfect Day on my lips - its actually perfect for me! Quite subtle and pretty so I can get away with it during the day, but also fab for a more classic night look. I think I will get plenty of wear out of this shade. Naked Beige is also nice but you know I'm a sucker for red shades - nude colours just never seem to be 'me'!
Overall absolutely bowled over by these S&G lipsticks - packaging is beautiful, high quality and makes you feel like a star. Much more in keeping with higher end lippies rather than the mid-range price bracket. The colours are gorgeous, especially Perfect Day, and last as long as you want them to without drying out. Definitely recommend trying one of these - at £9 its more than I usually pay for lipsticks but 100% worth it.

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  1. these are beautiful colors!!!