Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fabulous Nails #13

Everyone has been raving about glitter nail polishes, and as usual I was quite slow to catch on, but recently I purchased this divine Barry M glitter polish - shade Silver Cascade!
I bought it from an Amazon Marketplace seller for £3.95 (inc P&P) as I couldn't find it anywhere in stores. I was so excited to try it I used it the very evening it was delivered!
It might be the most difficult polish to photograph ever - but you can see in the pic just how glittery it is! It contains lots of different coloured glitter particles which you can accentuate by applying it over the top of different shades of polish. I like to use green and purple as I think these work best with the glitter.
It's ridiculously hard to take off, but I've found that applies to ALL glitter polishes and I never seem to learn my lesson. Hopefully Barry M will come up with a novel way of getting glitter off your nails so I don't have to get really impatient and frustrated every time I use their glitter polishes!
Overall really happy with this, very good value and so cute! Brightens up even the darkest Monday morning.

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