Sunday, 25 March 2012


As an out-and-out lipstick-aholic, I was always keen to try Lipcote to see if it really works! I bought it for ~£3 from Superdrug and have been really impressed!
Although I have to agree with a lot of other reviewers that it does dry out your lips, it works perfectly when it comes to sealing on your lipstick and making it stay put for hours! In fact when I wore it for the first time my lipstick was still in place the following morning when I woke up! With the exception of some fading if you drink or eat, I really like this product for ensuring your lipstick stays in place all day/night. As long as you go out with some lip balm in your bag, and are prepared to reapply your lippy with Lipcote over the top a couple of times, you will have flawless lips that don't smudge for as long as you want!

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  1. I remeber trying Lipcote when I was a teen thinking it felt weird, but I might try it again as lipstick never lasts long on me because I'm always eating and drinking and talking, lol!

    p.s. love the blog, found it on TSR, now following :)