Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oopsy Daisy

Despite having barely enough money to last me until payday, a couple of weekends ago I could not resist making these two random purchases from Bershka's sale...
How cute are these tan lace up boots? I've been looking for some lace up boots for AGES (literally more than a year!) so I was delighted to find these in the sale! As a vegan I don't wear leather and most of the nicer pairs I've seen have been leather - luckily these are manmade and were reduced from ~£50 to £26! I am a big fan of the colour as I think its a bit more versatile than a darker brown or black so I'll hopefully get a little more wear out of them! 
I also found this red and green jumper absolutely wonderful! It's a little Christmassy because of its colour but the heart pattern is delightful! I think the fringing also makes it a little bit kitsch and different - I got it for £10 in the sale so absolutely over the moon!
Have you made any irresponsible for irresistable purchases in the last few weeks?