Saturday, 21 January 2012

No 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in 'Cherry'

As you (should) know by now, I am a girl who loves lipstick. Especially lipstick of the bold, red variety. My mum obviously knows this, and treated me to this gorgeous shade of No 7 lipstick for Christmas!
It's shade 80, Cherry. It's actually my first ever No 7 lipstick and I was very excited to try it! The packaging is quite sophisticated and stylish and the lipstick itself is quite long, especially when compared to other, cheaper brands like MUA at Superdrug. So far so good...
 When you take the lid off, this is what you find. I'm not sure about you, but I always associate lipsticks that are slanted like this with the sort of lippy my mum used to wear when I was little, and I used to draw it all around my mouth like a clown! I'm not a massive fan of this shape as I think it's harder to use on its own to create a perfect outline of your mouth. I might be investing in a lip brush sometime soon for this reason...
But as you can see, the colour itself is absolutely DIVINE! I adore it. It's not quite as pillar-box red like some of my other more Blondie-style lipsticks, its a bit darker, richer and classier. I really do love it. I've worn this to a few pub sessions and house parties and it hasn't dried my lips out too much but stayed a gorgeous matte colour all night, with only a few reapplications needed!

Overall I would definitely consider repurchasing this lipstick - for £10 its not hideously expensive and they do have some delicious shades. Linky! If you could buy one with the £5 off No 7 vouchers that are often floating around in Boots even better! Personally I probably won't repurchase but that's simply because I have dozens of lipsticks already and can't really justify it!


  1. That is a really lovely colour, I would definately think about using one of those marvelous five pound off vouchers.

    1. They are so good! My purse is currently overflowing with them!