Friday, 6 January 2012

Christmas Presents #1

I'm sure you're all probably bored to death of Christmas pressie posts by now, but I thought I'd get in on the action (*cough* boasting *cough*) and share what the wonderful people in my life spoilt me with! This is the first of 2 posts - couldn't fit it all in one.. oops!
 DVDs from my sis and Grandmother
 Wanted this for AGES! Obama's book on audio cd, read by the man himself! Thankyou flatmate!
Biggest surprise ever! Big Splendour S&G gift set from my Mama <3
 The boyfriend's mum got it spot on buying me these little beauts!
 Awesome retro radio from my boo :)
A selection of perfect books!
 This gorgeous lucky Indian charm necklace from my amazing sister
 ..from the boyfriend. I get the hint. Hmff!
 Also from the boyfriend a delicious smell! Love it!
Fabulous flower tealight holders and floral PJ bottoms from my mum
 So excited to try this nail art brush! And my first two OPIs (Warm and Fozzie & Jewel) from my mama again, she's so good!
Does she ever get it wrong? She also bought me this lovely selection of polishes from No7 at Boots! Divine!
What did you get for Christmas? Any favourite presents?


  1. Lovely pressies! I've been meaning to get my hands on Obamas book x

    1. I need to put it on my mp3, thanks for reminding me!

      Elspeth xxx