Sunday, 22 January 2012

Look what I'm getting for my birthday!

I know I have mentioned my boyfriend a few times on here, but I don't think I've gone on about him too much.  This is a fashion and beauty blog after all! However he is buying me one of the most gorgeous, 'me' dresses in the history of the world! (there goes my New Year's resolution not to exaggerate, oops!)
Isn't it absolutely delightful?! Its by Trollied Dolly and he bought it for me from the Oliver Bonas website. The design is called 'Everybody's Sweetheart'. The story behind it is:
I saw it online when I was browsing on my lunch break but I decided it was too expensive for me to buy for myself (£35) even thought it was on sale. I sent the link to my boyfriend and he emailed back with "Hint received. Will order it tonight." !! But we were a little worried that it wouldn't fit, as they only had size Small left and the bust measurements were a little too small for me. So we decided to get it delivered to my work address so I could try it on and return it if it was no good...
But of course it fit perfectly - better than any other dress I've ever worn! And it was love at first sight! I know it's probably not the most winter-suitable item of clothing ever but it will be so delightful come summer! I can't WAIT to wear it! -I'm banned until my actual birthday, which is this Friday (the 27th) if you're interested!


  1. Awh your boyfriend sounds so sweet!! That dress is gorgeous as well. x x

  2. OMG the dress is lush and you have a wonderful guy!

    1. :) I thought you might like this one! I'm a lucky girl.

  3. He sounds stunners

  4. This is such a sweet dress, the pattern is lovely :)