Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What a way to make a living

Here I am, as promised, back with the first post of 2012! After my little break I decided I should start out slowly and work myself back into the habit of posting. So my posts might not have much of a system or routine to them for a few weeks until I'm back in the habit..
To kick things off I thought I would share with you some work dresses I've bought in the past couple of weeks, both sale and non-sale!
This gorgeous deco dress is absolutely stunning on and fits like a glove! I love the pretty design and think it really makes me stand out. The fifties style skirt (a running theme in my work wardrobe as you'll soon realise!) is really full and girlie. Reduced to £25 from £42 from Dorothy Perkins I couldn't resist! Linky!
 Also from Dorothy Perkins, I am smitten with this absolutely incredible green shift dress. The fit is perfect, its almost as if the dress was made for me, and again I think the striking colour is refreshing. It's made from a thick jersey material too so perfect for winter with some semi-sheer black tights! I can't remember how much this was but I think it was £17, a steal!
 This dress (boring as it seems!) is a simple grey shift from Matalan, reduced from £18 to £9 in the sale. Although it doesn't look much, its actually really well fitted and the material feels luxurious!
 Again with the fifties-style skirt, this grey shift from H&M was full price - but at £24.99 you can hardly complain! Fits like a dream and just the right length for work, I was overjoyed to find this beauty!
So overjoyed I had to have it in black too! Apologies for the poor photo quality, its been a ridiculously dark day today!
Have you made any investments for your work wardrobe recently? Do you prefer to wear dresses or trousers?


  1. Welcome back! I hope you had a nice Christmas and new years?! Love the 1950s H&M dress - very nice!

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