Saturday, 7 January 2012

Christmas Presents #2

As promised, here's the second of my Christmas pressie posts! I have been truly spoilt rotten this Christmas and I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life that know me so well! There's a distinct baking/cooking theme to this post...!
 Couple of perfect cooking/baking books from my bestie and my sis!
 From my uncle, will save my wrists from whisking!
 To replace my crappy £5 knives I've had since starting Uni, from my wonderful papa.
Gorgeous cups from assorted peeps; I love the Rob Ryan one from my boyfriend, its spot on!
Selection of yummy teas from my sister's girlfriend.
Needed some decent scales for years, thanks mum!
Cookie cutters and icing bag, also from mama bear..
As is this ridiculously cute pot of strawberry jam! Nom!
Giant cupcake cake tin and brick-shaped mould from my mum and sis!
How adorable is this bear-shaped cake tin? So excited to try it!
You probably don't know this about me but I'm a massive baker - I love trying new recipes and making baked goods for no reason. I'm considering starting a baking-orientated blog to run alongside Bee's Knees, what do you reckon? I'll probably only post every so often.. not sure!


  1. That strawberry jam and bear tin are AMAZING. x

  2. Wow that cupcake tin looks huge!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love them both :)