Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lush Jasmin & Henna Fluff Eaze

I popped into Lush just before Christmas to pick up some last minute presents, and walked out with a few bits for myself.. woops! Stay tuned for reviews of their lipbalm and solid perfume, but today I'm reviewing the Jasmin & Henna Fluff Eaze!
Since I cropped my hair super-pixie-short, I've had to blow dry and sometimes straighten it everyday! This is something I've never had to do before, having naturally curly hair, and my poor hair has been dried out and damaged as a result. I was keen to find a product to reverse this.. enter the Lush Fluff Eaze!
It's a conditioner that you slather all over your hair, leave on for 20mins and then wash off with shampoo in the shower. One tub costs £11.50 which I thought was a bit steep, but it did last 6 uses (on my very short hair). The consistency is very similar to yoghurt, but less gross and nicer smelling! And tbh it is the BEST conditioner I've ever used on my hair, it leaves it feeling soft, healthy and shiny and smells pretty damn good too! And on top of all that, its vegan! Perfect! I definitely recommend this product if you're looking to find some TLC for sad damaged locks! Linky!
Are you a Lush fan? What are your favourite products?

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