Friday, 20 January 2012

But baby it's cold outside..

Okay, I admit it - I have a problem. Not only am I a well-established shoe gal, but I LOVE coats. I don't know what it is about a good coat that means I can't resist, but I now have 14 coats and jackets, which includes a whopping 7 winter coats. The days of having 1 winter coat to last a few years are long gone. Here are a few sale purchases I made to bump up my collection:
I needed a boring, black coat for work and this fits the bill perfectly. I'd already looked in Oasis, Warehouse etc for something warm, simple and stylish but everything was either too garish or not reduced enough to tempt me into a purchase. I found this perfect work coat hidden away in the Sainsburys clothes sale (I KNOW - Sainsburys!) when I was food shopping with my Mama just after Christmas. It had no label or price on... so we asked at the till to discover it was a ridiculous £13! No brainer, obviously!
I've wanted a furry coat all season, after seeing them everywhere (blogs and high street included). I wasn't sure I wanted to go all out and get a fur coat so this nice compromise was perfect for me! I like coats to have a belt because I'm quite disproportionate and have big boobs but I'm small everywhere else, so a lot of double breasted coats without belts make me look HUGE. I bought this from New Look for the bargain price of £25! Amazing! It is SO warm and snuggly, and I think the deep purple/burgundy colour is quite classy too. Love it!
If you follow me on Twitter (please do if you don't!) you'll have heard about me buying this little stunner at the weekend. I was in Brixton and whilst passing by Joy I noticed they still had quite a lot of sale stock in. Not one to miss an opportunity for a good bargain hunt I popped in and tried on about 12 items, coming out with this gorgeous bright red, fur collar swing coat! Can you believe it was a ridiculous £25 down from £99?! Bargain of the century!

I love it because it's super cute and fun, and unlike anything else I own! I'm planning on wearing it out for the first time today (I'm writing this on Sunday and about to head out to meet my best friend and hit Westfield Stratford City for the first time!) SO excited.
Do you have a soft spot for a good winter coat? Have you added any to your wardrobe recently?


  1. Heyy gorgeous,
    cute blog :)

    a newbie to blogger so if you follow me ill follow you right back :P

    much love

    1. Thank you Anastasia! I will check out your blog when I get chance!

  2. That New Look coat is gorgeous!!!!!!!!
    I have my fingers crossed that they have one left :)