Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lush mini haul

I popped into Lush just before Christmas to pick up a few presents for my family, and accidentally treated myself too! Oops. I bought a lip balm and a solid perfume - two things I'd been itching to try for ages!
This None of Your Beeswax is a delicious vegan lip balm that smells lovely and lemony. It sinks into your lips nicely as soon as you apply it and is one of the best balms I've used. It's not so good on top of lipstick (I use Carmex for that) but as a base and an everyday lip balm I can't fault it, its ideal. £5.25 for 10g, which will last you around 3 months for everyday use. Linky!
This is one of Lush's new (ish) solid perfumes, in scent 'Vanillary'. In December I knew my boyfriend was buying me a Zara chocolate scented perfume for Christmas and I picked this up knowing it would compliment it beautifully (I smell like a cupcake!)
I'd never used a solid perfume before but I really like this one. I keep it on my desk at work so I can have a bit of a mid-afternoon pick me up when I'm having a bad day! It smells absolutely divine, SO vanilla-ry(!!) It comes in a stick which I use to rub onto my wrists and the back of my neck. It lasts for quite a while without leaving any greasy or spot-creating residue - a problem I've had due to the alcohol in normal perfumes. At £6, I reckon this 'solid' is a bargain, I've been using mine every day since before Christmas and there's hardly any product gone. Definitely something to try out! Linky!
Are you a fan of Lush? What are your favourite products?

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