Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sports Direct Sportswear Haul

Hi guys! Today's haul post is from Sports Direct - not somewhere I shop very often but because I'm doing so well with my recovery from my knee surgery I am now allowed to exercise! I thought I would kick off my 'new' fitness regime by investing in some new workout gear - I used to exercise a lot before my surgery and I already own some fitness clothes but there's nothing like some new stuff to inspire me to exercise!

My old trainers are a little old and tired, so I decided to buy some new ones! These basic grey and white Slazenger ones are actually tennis shoes but they work fine for me as I usually work out in my living room and just need trainers that absorb the shock and protect my knees. These were a complete bargain and only £19.99 - HERE.

Of course when wearing trainers you need trainer socks, and I like these super cheap coloured ones because it's easy to keep them in their pairs! £2.50 for 5 pairs HERE.

I usually wear crop tops when exercising because I get so hot and sweaty doing cardio, but I sometimes do a bit of pilates or yoga and prefer longer tops, like this one which was £9 HERE. It has a 'built in' sports bra but I also wear my own sports bra because built in bras never have sufficient support. 

I love wearing 3/4 capris when exercising, but I only have bright turquoise ones at the moment! I spotted these simple black Adidas ones for £12 and thought they would go with everything! Link HERE.

To satisfy my addiction to crop tops I picked up this Karrimor one - I love the colour and it's also a little bit longer which is a bonus because a lot of crop tops ride up when I'm exercising and show the bottom of my sports bra - not a good look! This was a complete steal at £4.50 so not breaking the bank HERE.

The sports bra I wear is by Freya - I really recommend Freya for sports bras if you're bit fuller in the bust area, I have tried a lot of other brands and nothing else gives me the same support. It's important that when you exercise your bust does not move at all, otherwise you're damaging your breast tissue which can cause all sorts of problems. So my advice is, regardless of what else you wear when you exercise, make sure you're supported in a good sports bra!

I hope you enjoyed reading this haul, which is a little bit different to my usual hauls but it's really relevant to my current lifestyle. If you have any tips about fitness wear then please leave them in the Comments below!


  1. Ooo I don't even do exercise right now but I'm eyeing up those leggings and crop tops lol x

  2. I've been long overdue for a Barata Sportswear look, not because I don't love this trend, it's because I couldn't find the right pieces that meshed with my style. My first attempt at wearing leather track pants ended up in a total disaster.

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