Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Favourites

Hi everyone! Welcome to my August Favourites - if it doesn't seem too long since I posted my July Favourites that's because it isn't, I only put them up a couple of weeks ago (HERE if you haven't read the post yet). But alas, the end of August is upon us and here are a few of my favourite things..

A pretty obvious favourite from August is my beautiful new kittens, Marcel and O'Malley, who joined our little family on the 10th of August. As a bit of a cat lady I have really loved spending so much time with these guys this month, it has been absolutely crazy! I will do a proper post introducing them soon.

My first beauty-related favourite is the Lush Lacquer Snow Globe top coat. If you've been reading my Fabulous Nails posts this month you'll know it's been all about the top coats! Snow Globe is one of my all time favourite top coats, and I reviewed it HERE.

Next up is another all-time-favourite of mine, Revlon's Fire and Ice Lustrous Lipstick. This was featured in a blog post a while ago (HERE) where I said that this is one of the best true red lipsticks I've come across, and I still feel this way! Classic red lips have been an easy look for me this month and I've reached for this every single time.

Now for something new - the Nivea Creme. Just before I moved house I started having the strangest rash on my face - it was awful and really knocked my confidence! When I took to Twitter asking for product recommendations which might help, a number of girls recommended Nivea and so I popped out and picked up this tiny tub. Needless to say it has worked wonders and I will be writing up a full blog post on this soon.

Moving house makes your skin and lips really dry and disgusting, it must be something to do with all the dust in the air! I have been using my Reve de Miel holy grail lip balm every single day this month to soften my lips and protect them from chapping, and I still love it. Read my review HERE.

On to homewares, I recently picked up this Colony Reed Diffuser in the fragrance Buttercup in the hopes that it would fill our spare room with a beautiful scent instead of the musky weird smell that was lingering in there when we moved in. It's worked wonders is by far the best of the 4 reed diffusers I've been using in my new house, and Buttercup is such an amazing smell! I bought it from TK Maxx for £5.99 but you can get it from Amazon for just under £10 HERE.

Another scent I've been loving this month is this Yankee Candle in Midnight Jasmine. I am huge fan of scented candles and went a bit crazy buying lots of different Yankee Candles from Campus Gifts when I saw they had 30% off (HERE). Midnight Jasmine is the perfect pretty floral scent and we have been lighting this every evening and it fills our living room with fragrance. This large jar was £13.97 HERE.

What do you think of my favourites this month? Which of my picks is your favourite?

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