Saturday, 17 August 2013

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation - China Doll

Hi guys! Today is a review I should have posted years ago because I've been using this product since before Bee's Knees existed! If you read my July Favourites post (HERE) you'll know that Lily Lolo mineral foundation is my go-to base product for the summer, especially on hot sunny days! 

When I was on the market for a mineral foundation many moons ago, Lily Lolo was the stand out brand for a number of reasons. Firstly they have values which match my own - ethically-sourced and cruelty free. Secondly it has natural ingredients that don't clog up your skin and cause break outs. And lastly and on a more practical note, they sell sample sizes which means you don't have to purchase a full sized product to test it against your skin!

I know Lily Lolo do have stockists in some salons in the UK, but to be perfectly honest I have never been to a beauty salon (beauty blogger confession?!) and didn't intend on starting just to try Lily Lolo. So instead I ordered a selection of samples to see which would be the perfect match for my pale skin. It turned out that my ideal shade is China Doll (which I think is one away from the palest shade, Porcelain) and I've been using it ever since!

I know a lot of people haven't tried mineral foundation before and feel a bit wary about it, preferring instead to stick to the traditional liquid or pressed powder foundations. In fact it was the other way around for me - Lily Lolo was the first ever foundation I tried and so when I went on to use other foundations it was a strange experience! Mineral foundation is incredibly easy to use and it's very difficult to get it wrong. Once you match your skin to the right shade you're halfway there because application is so quick and easy, I just use a kabuki brush to blend the foundation right into my skin. A common myth is that you can't get a good coverage with mineral foundation but in fact you can create any kind of coverage you would like. For me, this means quite a light coverage which is still enough to cover any blemishes and discolourations in my skin.

I apply this product after using concealer and just blend it straight into my skin. I used to apply a pressed powder or primer beforehand but I've found that actually the finish is better when I don't. I then apply contour and blush products before using the Lily Lolo Finishing Powder to stop any shine occurring later in the day (I use the matte one). 

It's quite hard to photograph this product so I apologise for the perhaps unhelpful picture! What I would say is that the foundation from Lily Lolo is a very fine powder and doesn't become cakey unless you go completely overboard with it. Instead this product gives my skin a perfect, flawless finish that I just can't match with any other foundation I've tried. It's the perfect shade for my skin and in the summer I can't see myself reaching for a different base product anytime soon!

You can buy Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation direct from the company online HERE for £13.49 or pick up a sample for only £1.49!

Have you tried Lily Lolo before? Are you a fan of mineral foundation?

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