Wednesday, 28 August 2013

ASOS Sale Haul

Hi guys! Today I'm sharing with you some of my recent ASOS sale purchases (and by 'recent' I mean these things arrived yesterday!) I haven't done very much clothes shopping in the past 6 months because I've been so preoccupied with moving house and buying things for my new house, so I was in desperate need of some new additions to my casual wardrobe!

The whole reason I placed my order with ASOS in the first place was for these jeans. Living with two excitable and playful kittens has its drawbacks, especially for my skinny jean collection! They have ravaged two pairs so far which meant these Ridley bargains were an essential purchase. Only £14 reduced down from £35, they're a perfect snug fit and I love the dip-dye effect. Link HERE.

Cold shoulder jumpers have sort of been and gone already, but I never got on board with the trend. Until now - a little late in the day but this simple oversized grey sweatshirt is by Glamorous but available in the ASOS sale for a mere £11.50 (reduced from £26) and will be great for lazing around on weekends once autumn hits. Link HERE.

I wasn't massively keen on the acidic tone of this green vest top when I opened it up (especially because it's so creased!) but once I tried it on and admired the nice fitting and pretty studs I was sold. Primarily because it was only £9.50 down from £16 and will look great with jeans and a leather jacket. Link HERE.

Another simple vest top, this Vila top was only £10 and I can see it being a staple in my casual wardrobe in autumn, winter and in the warmer months too. It's a lovely fit and the crew neck is a bit different to other vests I own. Link HERE.

Another grey sweatshirt - how exciting(!) This basic grey sweater is the nicest fit and looks so flattering on! I find it tricky to buy jumpers that flatter my shape as I'm quite top heavy, so when I tried this on and it was the perfect fit I had to keep it! And it's only £6.50 - link HERE.

By far my prettiest purchase, this gorgeous sheer 3/4 sleeve blouse is absolutely adorable and will be great for my work wardrobe. When I saw it was reduced to £10 down from £32 I couldn't resist buying it and I'm so glad because it's very simple but so chic. Link HERE.

As you can see I invested in quite a few basic tops - I really don't have that many tops in my wardrobe and struggle to find things to wear on the weekend! I bought this slogan baseball tee quite randomly but found it was actually the best fitting baseball tee out of the three I ordered, so it's a definite keeper. £8 reduced from £18 HERE.

Last but by no means least is this gorgeous beige trench coat. I have a lovely little red trench that I've owned for about 10 years and wear to death. I have been keeping an eye out for a more work appropriate version in a neutral shade for a really long time. I can't really pull off double breasted jackets because as I said, I'm top heavy and look ridiculous with any added bulk in that area, and it's much harder than you'd think to find a trench coat that's not double breasted! When I spotted this belted beauty I had to have it, and it fits like a dream. So happy that my search is over, especially because this was a mere £33 reduced in the sale. Link HERE.

What do you think of my sale bargains? Have you had any ASOS splurges recently?


  1. I am loving those jeans! My life seems to be made up of ASOS orders of late haha, I picked up an Olivia Rubin skirt for a mere £18.50 down from £95 x

    1. Argh that's a crazy bargain well done! :) I love them too I've worn them every day since they arrive woops!