Monday, 19 August 2013

Avon Facial Sun Protection

Hi everyone! Although we're now in what can only be described as the back end of the summer, I bought a couple of Avon facial sun protection products a little while ago which I desperately want to review for you!

These are the Avon Sun Rejuvenating Face Cream SPF30, and the Avon Sun Anti-Ageing Face Cream Sensitive Skin SPF50 (left > right). I take sun protection quite seriously and I don't like the way I look with a tan, so I bought these hoping they would protect my face every day from the summer sun.

Here are the creams on my hand - the top one is the SPF50 cream and the bottom is the SPF30 cream. You can see that the SPF50 is much thicker and more dense than the alternative, which is something I expected. I wear the SPF30 religiously every day underneath my make up, and use the SPF50 on days when I know it's going to be a little bit sunnier.

Both of these products come in the small 50ml bottles, which makes them very easy to pop in your handbag for a top up in the middle of the day. I apply these to my face after moisturiser but before make up, and allow around 5-10 minutes for them to sink in. As with the majority of facial sun protection I have tried, these products don't feel as though they're completely absorbed by my skin and the products do leave a slightly filmy finish, but I use a mineral foundation in the summer anyway which serves to soak up any excess moisture on my face. When I'm holidaying abroad sans-make up, I use a light finishing powder to do the job instead.

Having used these products for well over a month now, I can safely report that they have not clogged my pores or affected the staying power of my make up. In fact once I've got my make up on and I'm ready to face the world, I've almost forgotten I'm wearing sun cream! I am aware that there are a number of other high end and more expensive sun protection products on the market which do sink into the skin better, but I simply couldn't afford to spend £15+ so these bargainous alternatives were perfect for me! They are excellent at protecting your skin against the sun, and as long as you use them in conjunction with a powder I really cannot see any reason to splash any more cash on a more expensive alternative.

You can pick up the Avon Sun Rejuvenating Face Cream with SPF30 for £6.00 HERE, and the Avon Sun Anti-Ageing Face Cream Sensitive Skin SPF50 for £5.50 HERE.

Have you tried these products before? What is your go-to brand for facial sun protection?

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