Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sure Compressed* Challenge

Hi guys! Today's post is all about the newest innovation in the world of deodorants - Sure Compressed*. I'm sure a lot of you will have spotted the adverts which have been all over the television, but if not let me tell you a little bit about the compressed technology. Essentially the compressed cans are half the size of your regular deodorant (or the same size as a travel or mini size deodorant - seriously teensy!) but Sure claims they last just as long and actually work better. In fact it's claimed that Sure Compressed offers 17% better protection against dryness in comparison to regular sized deodorants  Pretty big claims for such a small can, eh? Which is why Sure have asked bloggers to put  their claims to the test with the Sure Compressed Challenge.

The Sure Compressed Challenge involves bloggers taking part in an activity of their choice to try out the compressed range and see how it fares during an active day. Since I'm on a bit of a health and fitness kick at the moment, I opted for a yoga class as my activity. I haven't tried yoga before (but I am a pilates devotee) so I'm really excited to see if I enjoy it, and curious to put Sure Compressed to the test to see if it lives up to the claims!

I usually buy a travel/mini sized deodorant to keep in my handbag so I am keen to try this out to see if it's an even better product to have to hand in my busy day to day life. I will post again after my first class and see if the challenge has been a success!

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