Saturday, 5 October 2013

Philosophy Purity made simple

Hi guys! Today's review is a product I've been using for a good few months now, in fact it's very nearly empty! I bought this mini Purity (90ml) from Boots in the January sales when it was reduced to a mere £2.50 because it came in Christmassy packaging even though the same sized product that wasn't packaged up was still on sale full price. So obviously I couldn't resist snapping it up...

Purity is a cleanser I've heard absolutely loads about over the years I've been reading beauty blogs. It seems to be a love/hate product - people either absolutely love it and rave about it's Holy Grail properties, or absolutely hate it and blame it for break outs, or point the finger at the ingredients list. I will put my hands up now and say I don't know a great deal about ingredients, but what I do know is that this 'pure' cleanser from Philosophy is far from a natural product. But I can live with that. What I'm more interested in is what it can do for my skin.

After months of using this I think it's safe to say that my opinion sits right in the middle of the extremists. I'm a bit disappointed I don't love or hate this cleanser, but I simply feel indifferent about it. I haven't noticed any real positive different in my skin since beginning to use this in place of my old Liz Earle and Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleansers, but at the same time I didn't break out or notice any negative effects. In terms of the consistency of the product itself, it's quite an opaque, gloopy substance that doesn't lather or sink into my skin, and it smells incredibly chemical-y. This did put me off to start with but I've come to get used to it - however for the purposes of this review I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a sensitive nose. I don't think I would repurchase this even if it was at a bargain price, because it's just not that ground shaking and I don't particularly enjoy using it. For the price (£8 for 90ml) I think you can find much better cleansers.

You can pick up Philosophy Purity from Boots - £8 for 90ml HERE. The full size 471ml is a whopping £28.50 HERE.

Have you tried Purity before? Are you a Philosophy fan?


  1. I was going to buy this the other day because I thought it was all natural! Thank you for clearing that up. Purity is a rather ambiguous name ...

    Holly |