Thursday, 4 July 2013

Westfield London Haul - Kiko Cosmetics, Forever 21 and Primark

Hi guys! One of my best friends from Uni came to stay with me for the weekend a good few weeks ago now, and despite being surrounded by cultural and exciting things to do in London we decided to stick to what we know and head to Westfield.. I didn't intend to spend anything but of course managed to pick up a few bits and pieces..

If you're a follower of Bee's Knees you'll know Kiko is one of my favourite nail varnish brands, so when I spotted this gorgeous blue polish I had to have it! It was only £2.50 in the sale, so even cheaper than my usual brand Barry M! When I saw this in the shop it looked like a potential dupe for Nails Inc Baker Street - I will investigate further and do a full post on this soon!

We also headed to Forever 21 - a store which I always find to be hit and miss in terms of clothing. Despite spotting dozens of things and trying lots on, I only came away with this cute 3/4 length sleeve striped tee, for around £7 if I remember rightly. A bargain and it's really soft material too.

This was the point when my friend had to head home, and I decided to 'stop off' at Primark. Well you know this isn't going to end well...

I saw this electric blue lace skater dress as soon as I walked through the door and picked it up immediately. I am (clearly) really into blues at the moment and thought this would be a great buy for summer (but with tights I think it could also work in winter?) This was on offer and I think was only around £10 so a bit of a steal, and I'm happy with the way it fits - it's very flattering.

Whilst in Westfield I saw a girl with a bright red skirt on, and decided I wanted one too! This one (which looks more orange than red in the photo for some reason..) was £8 from Primark and it's perfect - made from slightly heavier material than you would expect but this means it doesn't fly up in your face on a windy day! I've already worn this with sheer black tights, a cream peterpan collar blouse and jacket. Great for the colder weather we've been having.

This navy baseball jacket was on the sale stand and marked down to a mere £7! I really like navy but I don't own that much of it in my wardrobe. I thought this would be a great little jacket to throw on over pretty much anything. It's casual but the material is actually a soft, silky more expensive feeling quality which means it works for dressier outfits too!

I am one of those girls who can never find a pair of jeans that actually fit; I always have a big gap at my waist! To solve the problem I decided to grab this cute tan jean belt from Primark, as it was only £2 (from memory).

You probably already know I'm a big fan of frilly socks, and when I saw the selection at Primark I went a little bit nuts and picked up lots of pairs! The single ones are a mere £1.50 each, which is far more reasonable than the same style of socks from Topshop, and the pack was £2 I think for 5 pairs.

Last but not least I invested in a couple of floral pillowcases - I already have these in blue and adore them! For only £2 they're easy to pop into your basket without a second thought, but they look delightful on my bed!

So there you have it - my unintentional Westfield haul. What do you think of my purchases?


  1. Great buys! Your blog is fab! Followed!